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Piper-Plus Pipe Welding System

The PIPER-PLUS is a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system, producing high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to reduce pipe welding costs. Increased duty cycle and arc-on time provide significant improvements in productivity. All welding parameters, including voltage, wire feed speed, current, travel and oscillation are programmable and digitally controlled with the Piper-Plus. The Piper-Bug can be used with either flexible stainless steel rail or bent rigid rail.

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  • Piper-Plus_Quick_Start_9_12 | pdf | 2.64 MB

  • Piper-Plus_Bro_03_19 | pdf | 1.92 MB

  • Piper-Plus Bro_RUS_10_14 | pdf | 2.52 MB

  • Piper-Plus_with_SegPrg_Bro_11_16 | pdf | 534.38 KB

  • Piper-Plus_ipm_8_17 | pdf | 3.63 MB

  • Piper-Plus_ipm_8_17_RUS | pdf | 4.37 MB