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Tank Storage Show - Germany 2014

Nov. 25, 2014

During 2014, the tank storage industry has grown all over the world. This is evident by news headlines from U.S.A. to Brazil, China, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UAE. Contracts have been awarded, expansions have been announced and tank terminal capacity increases are being made everywhere. The success of this industry spurred a need for a new exhibition in 2014 – Tank Storage Germany.

From 19-20, November 2014, Bug-O Systems attended this successful two day conference and exhibition.  Chris Cable (Director of Global Sales & Marketing), Josh Chiprich (Tank Fabrication Product Manager) and Volker Bueltmann (Regional Manager - Europe) attended the show which took place at Schuppen 52 in Hamburg, Germany. One-Thousand decision makers were in attendance as well as 86 exhibitors. Over 58% of attendees came from Germany which further demonstrated the need for this type of event in Germany. Hamburg, Germany was an ideal location for the bulk storage industry as it connects production and end users within Europe.



The conference included a fine speaker lineup, which included the following: Janhein van den Eijnden - Managing Director at Vopak Germany, Thomas Knutzen – Head of IT at TanQuid, Cor Vermeijs – Director of Terminal Automation Europe at Emerson Process Management, Sven Thiessen – Managing Director at Oiltanking Germany and Helmut Goelz – Managing Director of Simon Storage Company. The conference gave an excellent overview of the tank storage business and the challenges they endure.


Bug-O Systems’ booth displayed a Modular Drive System with Linear Weaver and High Flex Rail along with a KBUG-1200. The KBUG-1200 represented our KBUG product line which welds the ID and OD of tank floors. The booth also displayed several pop-ups with technical information and example photos of our BGW tank welder. There was a lot of interest in mechanization from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. Weld engineers and owners of the storage tank companies recognize the importance of mechanization, justified by the cost and time savings it offers.


Bug-O System’s enjoyed a successful show with orders placed for a Compact Girth Welder, MDS with Automatic Height Control and Linear Weaver, as well as a BGW series machine. A great deal of interest was generated and from the success of this show Bug-O has decided to exhibit at the StocExpo in Rotterdam this coming March. The StocExpo is three times the size of the Tank Storage Show and therefore will be a great opportunity to meet new customers or customers who are already familiar with mechanization but may not be familiar with Bug-O. The tank market will continue to expand worldwide and by taking part in these exhibitions, Bug-O Systems builds a foundation for the future with its new and improved product offering to support this important industry.  Contact Josh Chiprich (email: jchiprich@weld.com) for ways we can help you.