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Fabtech Show Highlights – Atlanta 2014

Nov. 28, 2014

BUG-O Systems as a Sustaining Member of AWS exhibited at the Fabtech Show in Atlanta in November of 2014 with 10 employees manning the booth throughout the course of the show. Nearly all of the regional domestic sales representatives were in attendance and assisted in the booth throughout the show. Displays in the booth this year included a pipe welding display, a large presentation of the various possible configurations of the Modular Drive product line, several products from the KBUG line of machines, as well as a broad range of the Cypress Welding Equipment. Several new versions of the Cypress machines were on display. 


To read more on the new Cypress machines, view the following:





Many customers have a specific type of power source they prefer to use and BUG-O was displaying a broad range of opportunities for integration with multiple types of power sources based on customer request. BUG-O featured products from Miller Welding Equipment, OTC Daihen and Lincoln Electric in the booth this year. Power sources from Lincoln, Miller and OTC Daihen were digitally integrated on Cypress machines and Lincoln and OTC Daihen power sources were integrated with our Pipe Welding Systems. 

The show was well attended this year with a total attendance of over 30,000 throughout the course of the three day show. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with new customers and network with others in the industry. Both end-users and distributors brought several unique applications to discuss. BUG-O Systems is well known in the industry for efficient methods to address customer’s unique application requirements. In addition to the standard product line, BUG-O Systems’ Special Applications Department focuses on designing unique solutions to meet customer needs. Overall Fabtech 2014 was a very productive show for BUG-O Systems.


Matt Cable – VP