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Fabtech Show Recap

Jan. 06, 2016


The 2015 FABTECH Show in Chicago’s McCormick Center turned out to be one of the strongest shows in recent years. AWS reported that over 45,000 persons attended the Show which was a 4 day event. At a time when the welding and cutting industries would appear to be softening and oil prices at the time of the show were hovering around $50 a barrel, one might ask, why was the attendance so high?      



From our perspective, (Bug-O Systems) we saw this as a good sign in general. Chicago is always a very good location for the show and so, perhaps many just decided to attend only because they did not attend the show last year when it was in Atlanta. Attendance in Atlanta was fair, but not anywhere near the numbers seen in Chicago.  That said, the strong attendance this year might also indicate that companies in general are banking on 2016 to provide projects that are outside of the oil sector. Oil prices since the FABTECH Show have dropped another 40%, however we do see indications of growth in other industry segments. Based upon discussions with some of our customers we see transportation and shipyards still offering many opportunities. Additionally, investments from the state and federal governments will allow us to recognize investments in municipalities in general which will impact general construction, bridge work, structural and specialty work as well.  

  Within the Bug-O Booth at the show we couldn’t help but notice that the quality of the attendees this year was also higher. Many people actually arrived at our booth with drawings and real issues that they requested our input and help for them to solve their welding and cutting concerns. Bug-O products as we all know, allow a company to reduce their costs while improving their overall efficiencies. It still takes a skilled operator to run the Bug-O equipment, but once you take the gun out of the operators' hands, quality also goes up and depositions rates are greater.  


In these very tough economic times we are all challenged with ways to improve profitability. Companies today, more than ever are looking for ways to lower their costs of cutting and welding and at the same time increase productivity and quality. Bug-O for over 67 years, is still the only such equipment made in America and offers a 3-Year Warranty.  So perhaps this is why we are willing to look forward to 2016 and are excited about the 2015 show attendance. Bug-O Systems will be in Las Vegas for the 2016 FABTECH Show with again a 1200 square foot booth that will show-case the depth and breadth of the vast product line.