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Bryan George and Bug-O - Hands on Distributor Training

Apr. 25, 2016

In an effort to help support and drive sales of the Weld Revolution product line, BUG-O Systems has been given the opportunity to work with Bryan George from Weld Revolution. Bryan has been hired as the director of business development for Weld Revolution. He has more than 30 years of experience in the welding industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to this new position. Bryan has been involved in all four of the domestic sales staff training sessions and has already made several sales calls with BUG-O representatives in the field. Bryan is helping to develop new procedures for use with the Weld Revolution torch.  



The best results thus far have come as a result of a full distributor training session. This is typically a half day training session for a distributor’s team. This gives the distributor sales team a hands on experience with using the torch in addition to SpinArc™ sales and demonstration techniques from Bryan and the local BUG-O representative or home office employee. The opportunity to have hands on time with the system will give distribution a level of comfort and knowledge with the SpinArc™ system that will help them be able to sell the product more effectively. The Weld Revolution torch helps to drive additional wire and gas sales and provides a great opportunity for distribution to bring a new technology to the market.  



In an economic setting where productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost reduction are essential for obtaining new contracts as well as increasing margins on existing business, innovation is key. SpinArc™ is designed to take full advantage of these opportunities and can help customers increase their profitability as well as their production.  


If you are interested in setting up a Weld Revolution training session at your location, please feel free to reach out to Norm Sted (nsted@weld.com) or your local BUG-O representative.