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Napotnik Welding Supply - Customer Satisfaction at its Best

Jul. 01, 2016

The Napotnik family has been welding in Pennsylvania for decades. After spending time working in the Johnstown, Pennsylvania steel mills, Jacob Napotnik, Norman’s father decided he would take what he had learned and start his own business. And thus Napotnik Welding was born. Since 1963 the Napotnik family has been working with industrial companies, power plants, and their local community, providing them with what they need, when they needed it. Now they are your number one stop for all of your welding and fabricating tools, materials and supplies. 


Three years ago Norman Napotnik decided to open a welding supply store; Napotnik Welding Supply in New Florence, Pennsylvania with the idea “to satisfy the customers even better than they were being satisfied in the past.”  Napotnik Welding Supplies is more diversified than the normal welding supply store. They have all the welding lines you could be looking for. They carry Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, Hypertherm and Bug-O, just to name a few and several tool lines such as Greenlee, Wright and ChannelLock.  In their 2000 Sq. ft. showroom, you will find everything you need for your next job, and with an approximate 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, you can be sure it will be in stock. Napotnik explains, “Because of our fab shop work, we’ve developed relationships with many power-generating businesses over the years and these companies cannot afford to be shut down or to wait for materials or equipment. We know what they need and how to rapidly respond to these needs.”



In addition to a great selection of distributors to choose from, and plenty of storefront to explore, NWS also has a demonstration room where you can try any of the equipment before you buy it. They also have a conference area for hosting business meetings or classes and a theater area where PowerPoint presentations or safety videos can be viewed. To further help the customer, videos are posted on the company website covering such topics as “What’s Wrong with My Welds?” “Three Common Welding Mistakes” and “How to Set Up a MIG Welder.” New videos are continually added. They also have a youtube page with PSA videos, How-to’s, Torture/Challenge Tests and Demos of products.
They recently teamed up with Weld.com. and Mr. TIG from TIG Time to feature the store with their demo room and vast array of inventory, which can be seen on Weld.com’s youtube channel.