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Build a Bug Feature

Jul. 25, 2016


It was just a couple of years ago that Bug-O Systems launched its new website (bugo.com) which included and featured the “Build-A-Bug” button on the homepage. This feature was designed with several goals in mind. This interactive feature was originally thought to be an area that clients (end-user) could go and request information on the famous Modular Drive System, fondly referred to as MDS. This button is an animated interactive feature that is designed to engage the client and allow them to identify which particular MDS system is best for them, without knowing much about the MDS system. It’s based upon the client reviewing and selecting a welding or cutting process description that is pre-loaded in our database that most closely resembles their application. Once they identify that, they click on it and the animation software allows them to watch their MDS system be assembled right before their eyes. They get to experience how each component of the system comes together and mounts to make a complete and working system. Once the animation is complete, they can then select to print a photo of the system, along with the part number and description printout or punch list of all the items that make up that system. They can forward that to themselves, and/or to their favorite distributor for a quote.  Additionally they can download the full product literature for this unit as well. This is a quick, easy and engaging way to educate our clients and make it very simple for them to receive a quote and make a purchase.  



What we didn’t necessarily plan on and have since learned is that this is also a great learning and sales tool for distributor sales personnel. Whether a counter person, inside or outside sales person, the “Build-A-Bug feature is a huge asset to them. The management of several distributors have shared with us that they can have a new person from their inside sales department and/or on the front counter, who may be new and untrained in the application and use of the Bug-O Modular Drive System and yet with the aid of the Build-A-Bug feature they can quote and service their customers more quickly and effectively. Distributor personnel would utilize the Build-A-Bug feature after speaking with a potential client, listening to their application and matching the application listed in the Build-A-Bug selection, click, let it build and print. Now they have a perfect checklist of what they need to quote that potential client. Even if a sales person is fairly well versed in the MDS System, they can still rely upon the Build-A-Bug feature to be their check list and be sure they didn’t forget something.   


For customers, distributors and all sales persons in all capacities, the Build-A-Bug feature on bugo.com is there for you, 24/7 so go ahead, give it a try!  http://bugo.com/mds