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SpinArc® & Bug-O’s MDS – A Perfect Marriage

Jul. 08, 2016

Tripp Gorman, Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, reports a great deal of excitement and attention being drawn to the new SpinArc® technology and process offered by Bug-O Systems and Weld Revolution by many end-users who are looking for greater overall efficiencies. To that regard, Tripp recognized the need to get the product and technology in the hands of the Process Persons at major gas and welding distributors. “As process people”, Tripp states, “they understand the need to utilize the latest technology and products to support their customers’ needs to improve quality and increase efficiencies.” The Bug-O Modular Drive System when coupled to a SpinArc® torch enables a customer to increase productivity while often times dramatically reducing or sometimes even eliminating the need for a bevel.

To meet this strong customer demand, we recognized the need to provide training, and Airgas South was one of the first in the region to embrace the potential of SpinArc® technology and rallied us to train their process personnel. During mid-June, Tripp Gorman and Bryan George (SpinArc® Product Specialist) performed training to 20 of Airgas - Bessemer Alabama’s best process specialists that included both classroom theory as well as hands-on practical welding. Everyone in attendance was impressed with the technology, especially when they welded 3/4" thick steel with no bevel preparations. After cutting and etching was completed, they witnessed a perfect penetration profile.  The group sees a myriad of potential customers for this technology, including pipe welding, structural steel and especially cladding applications. The Birmingham, AL area is a hot bed for cladding of wear plate, mostly for the mining industry. We are also excited about the potential of on-site cladding that happens during plant “shutdowns” and turn around work. Atlanta, GA also has a few large contractors that do this type of work. The exceptional deposition rates will most certainly be attractive to these companies that need to lay down as much metal in as little time as possible.


The program was received so well that we are rolling it out to additional regions and locations with programs planned in August. To receive additional information and how to receive a training program in your area, please contact Norm Sted at nsted@weld.com