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Maysan Oil & Gas Exhibition

Apr. 03, 2017

Hisham Shalaby, our Middle East Sales Manager, recently attended the Maysan Oil & Gas Exhibition in Maysan City, Iraq from March 27th through the 30th. Mr. Shalaby, along with Advance Welding Solution Company (a long time distributor of Bug-O Systems in Iraq), displayed several of our machines inside Missan Oil Company’s facility. The exhibition was attended by the government oil and gas companies of Iraq. 
  Shown left to right: Eng. Maad Jobra , General Manager of AWS co., Dr. Hussain Aly, owner of AWS co. and Hisham Shalaby, Bug-O Middle East Sales Manager


Missan Oil Fields is one of the largest oil fields in Iraq. In 2010, CNOOC Ltd. signed a technical service contract for development and production of these oil fields for a period of 20 years. According to CNOOC, the 20 year contact was set to increase Missan’s production capacity by 350,000 barrels per day within six years. This contract brought on many projects for new pipelines and storage tanks in Iraq.

Mr. Shalaby and AWS were on hand to educate the attendees on our vast range of product lines that could add great value to the Missan Oil Fields projects. On display were the new and improved GO-FER IV, our Programmable Shape Machine (PSM), the popular and universal BUG-O-MATIC and the Piper Bug. All of the companies were very interested in the latter two which are our pipe welding machines as they are both efficient machines for the new pipelines being built.


We look forward to the current and continued opportunities of this project!