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Bug-O Systems Brings Powerful Solutions to End-Users Through Education!

Apr. 11, 2017

During the 2016 FABTECH Show in Las Vegas, a customer walked into the Bug-O Booth and shared their need to become more efficient with their cutting and welding because their business was growing at such a fast rate that they could not meet their customer’s demands. Norm Sted (N.A. Sales Director - Bug-O Systems) and Brian Smith (Intermountain Marketing Group / Bug-O Regional Sales Manager) joined forces with US Welding and visited the customer's facilities in Northern Utah with Brian's live-demo truck. The Traveling Road Show (Brian's box-truck) housed many Bug-O products that were then translated to the classroom and shop floor of this very important client for no other reason but to introduce our philosophy of how Bug-O manufactures "Power Tools for Welders." An introduction to new products and improved inefficiencies were outlined in the classroom, with videos and Power Point Slides, demonstrating Bug-O Systems' ability to reduce cost and material handling while increasing weld quality and productivity by as much as 82%. A variety of products were outlined for the customer as solutions to improve their specific efficiency. Then the program moved to the shop floor where attendees were able to put their hands on a variety of systems which had been discussed in the classroom. There was particular emphasis on the benefits of the trackless K-BUG fillet welder line. There were also multiple applications that were identified for using the track machines such as the Modular Drive System (MDS). This demonstration also prompted a conversation about the MDS and its ability to adapt to the needs of any application by simply adding or changing out modules. With the MDS a customer can invest in one machine system that will ever change and adapt to their growing and changing needs. The client also used the new Go-fer IV to weld, and was notably impressed by the ability to be able to cut with oxygen/acetylene as well as plasma all in one simple system.


Their primary area of emphasis was to find real solutions that would increase production and quality whilst reducing total costs. Anytime you can take the gun or torch out of the operators hands, consistencies and efficiency go up. That's why we call our products, "Power Tools for Welders" because our tools make the operator more efficient, not take his job; just as the power saw made the carpenter more efficient.




Increased Productivity and Quality whilst Reducing your Total Costs are all results of mechanization. Bug-O Systems was happy to be able to demonstrate to this important client how these positive outcomes can be achieved through the use of our equipment. Thank you for opening your doors to us and our products so that we could bring you Bug-O Day! 


If anyone would like to receive their own Bug-O Day and receive valuable information on how our Tools can help you, please contact Norm Sted N.A. Sales Director at nsted@weld.com.