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Manufacturing Marvels®, Marvel Production Group, LLC Spotlights Bug-O Systems

Aug. 16, 2017


BUG-O Systems was recently featured on Manufacturing Marvels® on the Fox Business Network®. (Watch the video by clicking here). BUG-O Systems, a division of Weld Tooling Corporation, has been a family owned American manufacturer of portable mechanization equipment since 1948 and this feature was a great opportunity to introduce BUG-O products to a large audience. BUG-O Systems is proud to offer a family of American made power tools for fabricators that mechanize the motions that are traditionally done by hand.


Manufacturing Marvels® is a series of videos that highlight American manufacturers as well as their products and achievements in innovation in the industry. The Manufacturing Marvels® team produces videos that are both educational and promotional. Produced by award winning producers, Bob and Jerry May, and narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent, John Criswell, the brief 2-minute videos give a general overview of the company being featured as well as focusing on specific products that provide unique solutions to some of the challenges in today’s workplace.


Marvel Production Group, LLC visited BUG-O systems on April 21 and had the opportunity to explore our manufacturing facility as well as our engineering department and our training facility. The video is a good showcase of several BUG-O products that are used in various industries from shipbuilding, transportation, and pipe welding, to construction and fabrication, as well as several of the people involved in the manufacturing and assembly process.


BUG-O Systems is proud to manufacture an American made product with a 3-year warranty. BUG-O products are built to withstand the rigors of the welding environment and provide ergonomic benefits by removing the torch from the operator’s hand while keeping full control of the welding process in the hands of an experienced welder. Contact us today to learn more about our power tools for fabricators and how BUG-O Systems can significantly improve productivity for welding and cutting through mechanization.