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PCC-1 - Your Weld Prep Solution!

May. 31, 2019

The PCC-1 Pipe Coupon Cutting Machine is used for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld preparation. This machine is designed to be fixed to a worktable and is ideal for welding schools or facilities that have a need to cut welding coupons.
● Self-centering speed chuck capable of gripping up to 8" (203 mm) O.D. pipe and 3-11" (76-279 mm) I.D. pipe
● Can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12” (305 mm) in length
● Available for oxy-fuel or plasma in 110 or 220 volt models
Plasma model includes a rotary ground and the oxy-fuel version is supplied with a quick action manifold.
Check out the PCC-1 video plasma cutting PCC-1 Video