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Special System Solves Unique Problem

Apr. 04, 2017


The Technical Sales and Special Systems Group at Bug-O Systems were presented with an application that required multiple arcs on a single work piece. The challenge was increased when it was understood that the length of travel would require that the wire feeders and wire spools be transported also. The joint was not perfectly consistent so a following device was needed.  Perhaps the most troublesome issue was that the application was for welding of relatively thin aluminum.  


The aluminum material eliminated the standard Aluminum Rigid Rail with magnets that are customary for Bug-O. It was decided that the Heavy Duty Tractor, normally used as the base of the Sub Arc Tractor, would be the best support structure for the wire feeders and spools. A custom following device was designed to hold the welding guns in consistent relationship with the joint. Wire feeders and drive controls were installed and trial welds were made.


After the initial trial it was found that the base of the tractor did not provide adequate clearance so that the tractor could straddle the weld joint. The tractor was modified and larger wheels were added to provide ample space over the work. Once this was accomplished the system was shipped to the customer for on-site trials. Some minor problems were encountered during start-up but after a visit by one of the Technical Sales Staff and the Local Representative the system was making welds. After a few trials the welding speed was increased to nearly twice the original estimate.  


The end result is that, by employing the Heavy Duty Tractor with dual wire feeders and guns the output for this particular weld was increased by approximately 200%. A 100% increase due to making both welds at once and then an additional 100% by doubling the travel speed. 

If you find an application that is not easily solved with our standard products, please get in contact with the Technical Sales Group at Bug-O Systems. We may be able to help!